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Sam Walton grew up to become the founder of Wal-Mart, but he was born with practically nothing except a compulsive drive to win—at football, at becoming class president, at beating everyone no matter what the game. His eventual empire started as nothing more than a dingy one-room general store. He created Wal-Mart—and his massive wealth—one building at a time, one town at a time. This is not a history of his company, but the biography of an uncomplicated man who just wanted to beat the guy down the street.

“A reporter who covered Wal-Mart for The Wall Street Journal for five years has done the improbable: she has created a superb business book for children. “Mr. Sam” turns the subject of the local big-box eyesore into a snappy, accessible and winning story about American business and retail culture. Smart, funny, full of good stories and telling detail, this is a well-researched account of the man behind the largest—and perhaps most controversial — store in the country.” —The New York Times

“Written in a fluid, journalistic style and enhanced by photos, … this account of the man who created what is today the world’s largest company makes compelling reading—particularly for would-be entrepreneurs.” —Booklist

“Businessmen don’t seem like natural biographical subjects for young readers, but Blumenthal has done a splendid job of not only introducing Sam Walton but making his story relevant and timely.” —The Horn Book

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